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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does a Showstopper Party involve?
    Lots of fun! Content varies depending on the theme of the party. However your child and their friends will all be involved in the activities. With a mixture of dancing, drama games and amazing songs, written especially for Showstopper Parties, it is non-stop, high energy, fun-filled action!
  • How long will the entertainment last?
    Showstopper Parties last 1 hour, or 50 mins for 1-3s. Entertainment can also last 1hr 30mins for children aged 6 and above, if you wish.
  • Where should I have my party?
    You can hire a local hall or similar venue, or you can have the party at home, it is entirely up to you. If you decide to have a party at home, please ensure there is enough space to move and dance around, for the number of children you are inviting. Please also make sure the space is cleared of toys and furniture where possible!
  • Do I need to supply anything for the entertainment?
    All that is needed is a plug socket and small table. The rest, like the music, costumes, sound system etc, is brought by Showstopper Parties.
  • Do you provide prizes and props for the children?
    No. Showstopper Parties bring what is required for the drama games, but do not provide prizes, as we believe it is more fun for the children to play all inclusive games and not games where certain children win and others lose. The children play games against the character who is leading the party and have lots of fun this way, feeling a sense of achievement. Also, through years of experience, we have discovered that the children aren't bothered about props and prizes, because the excitment of the story, games and songs are enough. By eliminating this extra business cost, it keeps down the cost to you too.
  • Can parents watch?
    For parties for ages 4+ apart from the organiser, we strongly advise that parents are encorouged not to stay in the same room as the entertainment. If you have another area where the parents can gather, that is better. Equally parents can drop off their children and then return for the last 10mins of the entertainment if they wish to watch or take pictures etc. The presence of lots of adults can make the children self-conscious and distracted, and therefore more reluctant to participate. It also makes it hard for the children to hear the adventure and instructions for games, if there is a lot of noise, which can, in turn, effect their enjoyment of the party. However, if the party is for children ages 1-3, then parents are expected to join in with their child.
  • Can children of different ages join in?
    The party entertainment will be created for the age of the Birthday child and therefore may not be suitable for children of other ages.
  • How does the booking process work?
    Contact Showstopper Parties to check availablity, either by calling 07885 150034, email or fill in the online booking form. When you have booked your venue and finalised the party details with us, we will send you a booking form for you to check over. This has details for the 50% deposit*. Once we have received your deposit, we will email to confirm your booking. Then you can sit back, relax and we will contact you 24hrs before your party, just to double check all the details with you before the big day. *Please note it is a non-refundable deposit.
  • Do all Showstopper Party leaders have up to date CRB's?
    Absolutely! All party leaders undergo a rigorous selection and training process, including CRB enhanced disclosures and reference checks. Please don't hesitate to ask if you wish to have your party leader bring their CRB with them. You can relax knowing that your child, and their friends, are in the best of hands.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    No, just your baby!
  • Do I need to be able to sing well?
    No. Your baby wants to hear your voice regardless of whether you can hold a tune or not. They will love it cause it is you.
  • Can I feed my baby during the class?
    Yes. When baby needs fed he/she needs fed and can still enjoy the music and props during their yummy milk. However, solids should be given before or after class, as other babies can get jealous and also then want food.
  • Do you offer free trials?
    Usually no. Only when I am running a special promotion.
  • How long do the classes last?
  • What is involved?
    We have fun; sing songs and bond with our little ones. At Showstopper Babies we use a mix of well know Musical Theatre tunes, completely original songs, written especially by us, gentle cross lateral movements, stretches and sensory props to enhance the development of your baby, but also for the enjoyment of mum (dad, guardian or grandparent). We know that there are lots of classes out there which use traditional nursery rhymes so we want to offer you another class you can attend which will offer something a bit different.
  • Do you offer sibling discounts?
    I currently offer a 25% discount for any further siblings attending at the same time as one full paying child. See our booking site for further details.

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